Experience Hamarøy

Nowhere else in the world are there more sights associated with Knut Hamsun than at Hamarøy – the realm of Hamsun. This is the place to explore, experience and immerse in Hamsun's life and writing. With the magnificent nature surroundings, it is not hard to understand how this was an important area for Hamsun’s inspiration. Experience the realm of Hamsun - and listen to the sound of silence.


The Hamsun Center is Norway's national center for Knut Hamsun. The center's architecture has won a number of national and international architecture awards, including the Progressive Architecture Award. The center's architecture has been the subject of heated debate on an equal footing with the main character himself. 

You can find the Hamsun Centre 5 minute bike ride from Hamsun Lodge. (Or 15 min on foot!)

Visit The Hamsun Centre


Art Gallery in the old shop Knut Hamsun worked as a sales clerk in the 1870s. Hamsun Gallery is to be found a 15 minute drive from the poet's living room.

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Spa Regina offers a range of high quality Spa services from its base on Tranøy. Tranøy is a 15-minute drive from Hamsun Lodge.

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Nordland Turselskap offers outdoor experiences and activities in Nordland and on Hamarøy.

Hamarøyskaftet is one of the most special mountains in Nordland. To get to the top you need securing with ropes. Book your guide here!

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Knut Hamsun's childhood home is an authentic experience of Knut Hamsun's childhood universe. The house is located in "Hamsund" - the village that gave the family its surname. Knut Hamsun came here as a 3-year-old. Hamsund is a 15-minute bike ride from Hamsun Lodge.Open for visitors Wednesdays and Fridays from 23rd of June.

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Magnificent Gallery with exhibitions for purchase. Mainly open summer time. 15 minutes drive from Hamsun Lodge.

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Arctic Salmon Center is an exhibition center for aquaculture located at Skutvik in Hamarøy. Here you can learn about how modern farming works inside the center, get a RIB trip out to the premises and enjoy yourself in the cafe with a cup of coffee and beautiful views of the sea. Skutvik is a 20 minute drive from Hamsun Lodge.

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Knut Hamsun's parents, Tora and Peder, are buried in Hamarøy cemetery. The cemetery is 5-10 minutes walk from Hamsun Lodge.


Tranøy sculpture park covers the whole of Tranøy with its outdoor sculptures. Surrounded by unique natural surroundings, you will find fascinating sculptures by artists such as Harald Bodøgaard, Anne Britt Nedland, Tor-Vegard Mørkved and Navakas. Highly recommended for both nature and art enthusiasts!


Tranøy lighthouse is located about 2.5 kilometers west of Tranøy. The lighthouse is located at Stangholmen in the Vestfjord, and is connected to Nordneset on the mainland by a slightly more than 270 meters long cast footbridge. The lighthouse has a restaurant and cafe. You can find Tranøy Lighthouse a 20 minutes drive from Hamsun Lodge.

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Hiking trails

At Hamarøy you can find many hiking trails with beautiful nature surroundings.

Many of them lays in a walking distance from Hamsun Lodge. Here you'll find our top 3 recommendations.


Vetten is a popular hiking destination on Oppeid. The distance is only 1 km and is paid with fantastic views of the Lofoten Mountains. The trip involves a steep climb along a beautiful mountain road. The starting point is a 5 minute walk from Hamsun Lodge.


"Kirkestien" is the old road that then went from Hamsund to Presteid. Knut Hamsun went here on his way from Hamsund to the church with his family, and later on assignment for his strict uncle at the rectory. Recently, the road was marked up again - a great hiking trail just a few hundred meters from Hamsun Lodge.


“Glimma went at times South, at times North, depending one the tides; but always murmed it’s eterisk song and it’s waters ran with the same impatience summer and winter, no matter which way it ran».

Quote from A Ghost by Knut Hamsun.

"The walk Glimma around" was named Nordland's best hiking trail in 2019. Glimma is a 5-minute walk from Hamsun Lodge.

With its rich history and stunning views, Hamsun Lodge invites you to a very special stay.

This is a very good alternative for you who want a cultural experience out of the ordinary and at the same time live in a safe environment.